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Amazon Delivery Service Partner

As an Amazon Delivery Service Partner, you and your business are not covered under Amazon’s workers’ compensation plan.  That means you’re on your own to find the best plan available – and it can certainly be costly.  So where do you go to find the best rates on workers compensation insurance for Amazon Delivery Service Partners specifically?  This should help you know what to look for.

Firstly, know that there are actually workers’ compensation plans that are specifically for Amazon Delivery Service Partners in particular, and that’s important.  You’re going to want to find an insurance agency that is willing, able, and qualified to offer these plans – and if the agency is independent, meaning they can offer multiple companies to choose from that focus specifically on what you do, all the better.  You have enough red tape to work through as it is – you want to make sure you have an agent who understands the ins and outs of the workers compensation side of things for you.

Do I Qualify?

So how do you know if you qualify?  Here are the requirements that must be met to be considered for the preferred best workers compensation insurance for Amazon Delivery Service Partners:

  • You must be a designated DSP and you must have fully completed the Amazon DSP training program.
  • Your delivery vehicles must be leased through the Amazon DSP program or meet Amazon’s strict delivery vehicle guidelines for telematics that monitor speed, braking, seat belt usage, and vehicle location.
  • Your pre-employment background checks must be conducted for all drivers, including an MVR check and drug screening.
  • A comprehensive new driver training program must be in place, including safe-driving habits, efficient route management, and safe lifting techniques.
  • A comprehensive accident review process, including an accident report and post-accident drug screening, must be in place.

Parcel delivery businesses that are not a designated Amazon DSP will not be considered as part of this program (but may be entertained in select states when certain criteria are met).

Do I have to pay my workers’ comp policy in full?

No – you will have several payment options to keep things reasonable, affordable, and match your budget.

Do I need to know workers compensation class codes?

Leave that to your agent.  Different companies may use different codes, so if you are able to provide the number of employees you have and the annual payroll totals, your insurance agent can take it from there.

How do I get started?

Easy – all you have to do is request a quote.  If you’re ready, you can call our agency at 260-749-4970 or you can fill out this 2 minute survey to help us learn more about your operation.  We’ll take it from there and will contact you with any additional questions we may have.

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