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At Ovation Insurance, our job is to make sure that you are protected on your wedding day.  From a vendor failing to show up on the big day, to a reception hall burning down the week before your wedding causing you to relocate in a hurry, to a guest having a bit too much to drink and wreaking havoc on your day, you’re going to want to make sure you have the proper wedding insurance in Indiana or Ohio.

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Do you need wedding insurance?

  • How much did your venue cost to rent?  What happens if they unexpectedly can’t host your wedding?  What do you do and how do you pay for your next move?
  • How much did you pay each of your vendors?  What happens if your florist can’t make it?  What if none of the photos that your photographer took don’t turn out?  What if you put the deposit down on the limo, only for them to skip the event entirely?
  • How much did your wedding dress cost?  What happens if it’s stolen or damaged prior to the ceremony?
  • Are you in the military?  Or a firefighter?  What if you are called out unexpectedly and need to reschedule?
  • What if grandma gets horribly sick the night before and you want to postpone?
  • How much did you pay for your destination wedding?  What happens when the hurricane prevents you from going?
  • For more information the benefits and options of wedding insurance, click here.

While it’s true that many venues will provide some liability coverage for you, they may not provide coverage for cancellation/postponement, lost or damaged items, or vendor issues.

For those venues that do not provide liability coverage, it can be added to a wedding plan for as little as $165.  This will protect you from injuries that happen during your wedding, accidental damage to the venue, and you can even extend for wedding liquor liability as well.

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