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Have you seen your agent since renewal?  Not to drop off policy binders and give you the proverbial slap on the back.  Have you actually had the chance to sit down and speak with your insurance agent since you renewed your workers compensation 3 months ago?  Where have they been?  It’s kind of disheartening when you contemplate the thousands of dollars that are paid in commissions each year.  Ovation Insurance uses a 360 degree approach to assure that you can always answer this question in a positive way.

By staying engaged with our clients and prospects over the course of the entire year, engaging 360 degree accountability, we are able to execute pre-determined strategies and drive exceptional results.  Sadly, most companies see their agents in the 90 days before renewal.  After that, they are like the Kodiaks of the Northwest.  They go into ‘risk management hibernation’ for a year, only to show up with their hands out.

Ovation Insurance has contacted you 4-5 times since your most recent policy renewal.  Imagine what it would be like to be our client!

Call or email me today to obtain a complimentary template of our standard client servicing matrix customized with your company information or you can download the template for yourself HERE.  You will be amazed at what you are missing!

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