The Best Indiana Home and Auto Insurance Plans for 2020

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Best Indiana Home and Auto Insurance Plans – 2020 Edition

You’re looking over your home and auto insurance.  You’re thinking – is this the right plan?  The best plan?  The best value for what I need?  Choosing the best Indiana home and auto insurance plans for 2020 can be tricky.  Of course, everyone wants to save money – but which plans have the best features?  Which might cost a little more on the surface but give you the flexibility to save more based on your own actions?

The short answer is that every insurance company does different things.  They have different features, they offer different discounts, and your unique situation will make the difference between which plan is the ‘best’ for you at that particular time in your life.

Even so, I’ve put together a list of home and auto insurance policies that are typically great options regardless of where you are in life.  Some will fit you better than others right now, but here are a few the plans you should be aware of in the state of Indiana for 2020.  I will not be going into the discounts and features that most if not all insurance companies offer – Good Student Discount, Multi-policy Discount, etc – but only the ones that set these plans apart from the others.  If you’re ready to get started, obtain your quote here.

Otherwise, without further ado, let’s find out what YOUR best Indiana home and auto insurance plans for 2020 are!

State Auto Insurance Home and Auto Plan

State Auto has taken tremendous steps over the past couple years, technology-wise.  They have their eyes on the future, can get you a quote in minutes, and have given the customer more control over their rates than many companies out there now.

You Should Buy If:
  • You are unafraid of – and love – technology but still want the accountability of an agent
  • You want a forward-thinking insurance company who loves technology as much as you do
  • You want more personal control over your rates
Available Discounts and Unique Features:
  • Advanced Quote Discount – Yes, most companies offer this now. If you quote with them and decide to buy before you reach the date that you actually need it, you’ll get a discount.  However, with most companies, this discount falls off fairly quickly, sometimes at your first renewal. That’s not the case with State Auto – they cap the amount that your Advance Quote discount falls off by a maximum of 1% every year. Also, if you’ve had continuous insurance with the same company for at least 24 months, you get an additional discount, which stays on your policy for life.
  • State Auto Safety 360 Program – This is the big one, and it can give you a discount of up to 50% off your Auto insurance. (Really, 50%.) The program comes with a free plug-in device for your. The safer you drive, the more you can save. This program gives you more control over what you pay, and is fairer because what you pay is determined by how YOU drive, which is much different than a traditional auto insurance policy where what you pay is heavily influenced by what other people do behind the wheel. The plug-in device even comes with additional valuable features like the ability for State Auto to potentially recover your vehicle if it’s stolen and even send you instant notification if your car has been involved in an accident.
  • Smart Connected Discounts –  Smart Home products are everywhere. 68% of Americans say smart homes will be as common as smartphones within 10 years, and 47% of Millennials already own at least one smart home device. State Auto is one of the few companies now formally recognizing how important the security of smart home products is to customers, and they offer discounts for a wide variety of devices. Products eligible for a Smart Home Discount include smart cameras, smart lights, smart smoke alarm batteries, automatic temperature detection thermostats, and any devices that can detect moisture, gas or freezing.
  • Ridesharing endorsement – If you drive for Uber or Lyft, your standard Auto insurance policy contains some significant gaps. You could be exposed not only to having your policy cancelled or a claim not being covered, but also lawsuits. With this easy (and inexpensive!) add-on to your policy, State Auto closes all those potential coverage gaps giving you the peace of mind to continue accepting rides.

Auto-Owners Insurance Home and Auto Plan

The best way to describe Auto-Owners is steady.  They make large decisions slowly and thoughtfully, and thus historically don’t see huge rate increases.  They’re great for those with clean driving records and offer a tremendous paid-in-full discount AND they’re dog-friendly.

You Should Buy If:
  • You prefer to pay your bills annually or semi-annually
  • You have a bigger dog with no aggressive behaviors or biting history, but its breed is preventing you from purchasing most standard home insurance plans
  • You’d like to have Cyber insurance for yourself
  • You have a pool
Available Discounts and Unique Features:
  • Paid-In-Full Discount – Yes, most companies do offer this now. But not all of them offer a 10% discount just for paying in full.  That’s well worth saving up for!
  • Teen Driver Monitoring – In addition to the Good Student Discount, if your teenager is have an app or plug-in that allows you to know their whereabouts then you’ll receive a discount on your policy.
  • Ride-sharing endorsement – If you drive Uber or Lyft, there are most definitely some coverage gaps. If you opt to purchase this endorsement – and it is very inexpensive – you can rest easy that the coverage gaps will be addressed.
  • Dog friendly – Most insurance companies have a problem with bigger dogs.  If you have one, you know how difficult it is to find a good insurance company that won’t cast you out for having your dog.  Not Auto-Owners!  As long as your dog is friendly, they’re 100% ok with it!
  • Cyber Liability Insurance – I’m positive that this will be more prevalent in the next 5 years. This will help pay for data recovery and system restoration in the event of a cyber attack, will assist you in matters of cyber extortion and how best to respond, restore you in the event of fraudulent charges, and assist in data breach situations.  This will become more and more important as time goes on.
  • Pool Insurance – Yes, most insurance companies will work with you if you have a pool, but they usually require you to have a fence.  Or no diving board.  Or no slide.  Auto-Owners will work with you whether you have all or none of it!

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GrandProtect® policy package from MetLife Auto & Home®

A GrandProtect policy package can protect everything from your homes and rental properties to your vehicles and valuables. If you have complex insurance needs such as own a higher valued home, multiple properties, boats, motorcycles, or vehicles, a GrandProtect policy package may be the solution for you.  Here are just a few enticing reasons and features that make GrandProtect a great choice when compared with other insurance options.

Consider GrandProtect if you have complex insurance needs such as:
  • If you have a higher value home or homes
  • If you own multiple properties in addition to your primary home, such as a secondary home or rental property
  • have high value property or valuables in self-storage units or in your home(s)
  • If you have extensive personal property such as jewelry, computers, or tools.
  • If you want additional coverage in a single product
  • If you seek the peace of mind that comes from working with a company, you know you can count on. Not to mention, having the accountability and guidance of a local agent along the way.
Unique features and savings:
  • ExpressIT® automatic payment plan savings– MetLife Auto & Home offers savings for enrolling in monthly automatic withdrawal. Some companies prefer that premiums be paid in full, but at MetLife Auto & Home you’re rewarded for enrolling in automatic monthly payments.
  • Water backup coverage included– $10,000 in Sewer, sump pump and drain back up coverage is automatically included in your policy at no additional cost. You can also choose to increase this coverage if you see fit.
  • Blanket Property Limit– This is huge. Some companies may have separate limits for your dwelling, private structures and personal property coverage.  MetLife Auto & Home combines policy limits for all 3 under one blanket sum, which gives you some flexibility when you need it.
  • One deductible– Let’s say you back into your garage door and need to replace your car bumper and garage door.  GrandProtect can save you money since you pay only one deductible for any one loss—even if more than one type of property is damaged. If you had separate policies for each type of coverage, you would typically pay separate deductibles1.
  • No sublimits on personal use tools, computers, and property in self-storage– Some policies limit the amount of available coverage on these items. MetLife Auto & Home on the other hand will cover them up to the total value you have on your personal property amount.

*Earthquake and volcanic eruptions are excluded. The one deductible feature is not available in North Carolina.  L0719516434[exp0622][IN]

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Safeco Insurance Home Premier and Auto Ultra Policy

Safeco might just offer you the most flexibility and freedom in helping you take control of your rates.  They have an excellent claims submission platform online and have some very unique features worth talking about.

You Should Buy If:
  • You want to take control of your rates but don’t want to constantly be ‘tracked’
  • You prefer to submit/handle your claims online but still want the accountability of an agent
  • You collect firearms but do not want the hassle and expense of listing every single one of them on the policy
  • You like feeling secure in knowing that they are owned by Liberty Mutual
Available Discounts and Unique Features:
  • Cash-Out Option: If your home is destroyed and you decide you’d rather take the money and rebuild elsewhere – or maybe not at all – this is the policy for you.  This policy will pay the replacement cost of the house and you are not required to rebuild!  For a more detailed look a this, check out our article on Cash-Out Options.
  • Advanced Multiple Car Discount – So you sign up for a new auto policy, but temporarily you only have one vehicle. You plan on purchasing an additional car in the next few weeks.  Safeco will give you the multi-car discount ahead of time so that you aren’t paying extra for only having one car.
  • 90 Day Telematics – You like the idea of relying on your own driving to dictate your rates, but you do NOT like the idea of having a tracker in your car. Well, Safeco may have the answer for you.  They will have you use the Tracker for the first 90 days, and then you never have to use it again.  Depending on how your driving is during that 3 month span, you can earn up to an additional 30% savings for the duration of the policy!  Best of all, there’s no risk in trying it and you’re guaranteed a 5% discount at minimum.
  • No Limit on Firearms – Most carriers set a sub-limit, of around 2,000 – $5,000 for things of higher value such as jewelry, art, and firearms.  Anything past that would need to be listed extra on the policy.  However, Safeco does not have a sub-limit for firearms.  Whatever your Personal Property amount is (Coverage C), that’s how much coverage you’d have.  Very convenient if you have a collection!
  • Ridesharing endorsement – If you drive Uber or Lyft, there are most definitely some coverage gaps. If you opt to purchase this endorsement – and it is very inexpensive – you can rest easy that the coverage gaps will be addressed.
  • 100% Water Backup Coverage – If you select the Homeowners Premier policy, you will automatically receive Water Backup coverage up to the value of the home itself. Very useful if the basement becomes filled with 8 feet of water due to a sump pump failure!

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Indiana Farmers Home and Auto Policy

Indiana Farmers is a company to watch.  Currently only offered in Indiana and Illinois, they’ve got their sites set higher and are doing what they can to responsibly get there while taking great care of their clients.

You Should Buy If:
  • You live in Indiana or Illinois
  • You are concerned about the limitations of standard water back-up policies
  • You don’t have any children (yes, I’m serious!)
Unique Discounts and Features:
  • Water Coverage with $5,000 included – If you select the Homeowners Plus endorsement, you will receive coverage for water damage. Yes, most companies will offer water damage but the limitations are clear.  The definition of water damage is expanded in this endorsement and the cost is extremely affordable.
  • ‘Empty Nest’ Discount – Yes, Indiana Farmers is giving you a break if no children are living in the household! Just something to think about if you need a little extra incentive to help the kids move out.

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 Westfield Wespak Estate

This has some of the most interesting endorsements out of all of these policies – but keep in mind, Westfield has two different combo policy types:  The Wespak and the Wespak Estate.  While both are excellent, for the purposes of this article we are talking about the Estate.  Let’s take a look.

You Should Buy If:
  • You have a home valued at $400,000 or higher replacement cost
  • If your home is completely destroyed, you’d like to have the option of ‘cashing out’ and rebuilding elsewhere
Unique Discounts and Features:
  • Cash-Out Option: If your home is destroyed and you decide you’d rather take the money and rebuild elsewhere – or maybe not at all – this is the policy for you.  This policy will pay the replacement cost of the house and you are not required to rebuild!  For a more detailed look a this, check out our article on Cash-Out Options.
  • Disappearing Deductible: If your loss exceeds 10x the amount of your deductible, it ‘disappears’ and you do not have to pay it.  ($25,000 loss with a $2,500 deductible = you do not have to pay your deductible)
  • $100,000 Water Backup Included – You would also have the option to ‘buy up’ for more coverage or ‘buy down’ to $20,000 if $100,000 is not necessary

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In summary, picking the best Indiana home and auto insurance plans in 2020 is tough.  The price is important, yes.  But as you can see, each policy can offer you a different perspective and answer a different need based on where you are in your life’s journey.

Based on that, it’s difficult to say which is the ‘best’ plan – only what is ‘best’ for you.  And remember – this list was created to highlight a few of the best all-around home insurance and auto insurance plans available.  If you want more specifics, on how to find the Best Indiana Home and Auto Insurance Plans for 2020, let’s get started at the link below.

Find YOUR Best Indiana Home and Auto Insurance Plans for 2020 now!

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